AV Comparatives Antivirus

Android Security Test 2019 – 250 AV apps tested https://t.co/n0ZMgWoRJv pic.twitter.com/179258HHM2 — AV Comparatives (@AV_Comparatives) 12 de marzo de 2019   AV-Comparatives es una organización austriaca que realiza pruebas de antivirus, los últimos resultados de las … Sigue leyendo

Google Arts & Culture

👨‍🎨🇷🇺Vasily Surikov was a Russian Realist history painter, born #onthisday in 1848. His artworks contain many details you can explore. Guess what! Many of his works have been used as illustrations. Discover his universe ➡️https://t.co/htiaXXL9Qu #GoogleArts … Sigue leyendo


Decided to launch this project on @ProductHunt today 🚀 If you think this tool is gonna be useful for you or your friends, do check it out ➡️ https://t.co/VCKEnUCP5G pic.twitter.com/Ig6cEXRID6 — Gaddafi Rusli ✦ (@gaddafirusli) 20 de febrero de 2019   ICONSVG es una … Sigue leyendo

SoundCloud 2019

Hailing from South London, her wide ranging vocals bring a mix of soul, jazz and hip hop. Get to know: @jaz_karis 💎 https://t.co/FMBojrKlts #SCFIRST pic.twitter.com/yavxF2TcF5 — SoundCloud (@SoundCloud) 1 de febrero de 2019   SoundCloud nos hace sus primeras recomendaciones … Sigue leyendo

Sonic Visualiser

A musicologist's guide to Sonic Visualiser: http://t.co/t2IEwoWjwv pic.twitter.com/QN8CRPm76l— reaktorplayer (@reaktorplayer) 28 de julio de 2013   Sonic Visualiser es una aplicación para ver y analizar el contenido de archivos de audio de música. El objetivo de Sonic … Sigue leyendo